Custody Transfer Metering Skid

Sparco Eng has the wide range experience in designing, manufacturing and commissioning of metering systems both for custody transfer application as well as for the gas processing plant applications. We have designed skids for varies application all around the world with customized requirement and with international design code. Our Design and skids including with the complete mechanical piping structure and instrumentation and control . Which include the complete flow computers panels with SCADA system . We provide the wide range of flow metering skids some as listed below.

1-) Crude Oil Custody Transfer Metering Skid

2-) Refined Hydrocarbon / Naphtha / Gasoline / Diesel Custody Transfer Metering Skid

3-) LNG Custody Transfer Metering Skid

4-) Natural Gas Custody Transfer Metering Skid

Our metering applications and design cover both upstream, transportation and downstream operations, including production facilities off-shore and on-shore, transmission and distribution pipelines, refineries, loading and offloading terminals, including import and export and storage facilities, such as tank farms for oil, gas and LNG . Our systems are used for all major type of transportable hydrocarbons, – crude oil, natural gas and LNG, condensate, LPG, naphtha, gasoline, diesel, fuel oil.

Our skids are used to transfer the process fluid with change of territory or ownership of the fluid. Custody metering skids are highly precise and accurate for measurement of sale and invoice purpose. With Integrated Prover system with latest technology of diagnostic on the streams and the data verification with API calculations. These skids come with custody transfer certified flowmeters. Their accuracy ranges from 0.05% to 0.5% of flow.
Depending upon the client service, the flow metering technology varies from Coriolis based flow meter , Pressure Differential , Turbine and Ultrasonic. These metering skids varies in capacity depending on the flow profile by the client , fluid composition and other factors .
These flow metering skids are provided with Flowmeters meeting custody metering norm API MPMS chapter 6 for liquid metering and AGA for Gas Metering following metrological certification in order to use it by end user.


      Our engineers ensure that our metering systems meet the requirements of the project and its stakeholders. Choosing the correct metering technology is the most essential to the overall system performance and accuracy. Flow meter selection is based on wide list of parameters including process conditions, system costs and compliance requirement. We build metering systems to national and international standards using most advanced meters offered by the modern technology:

Flow Meter Type Gas Standards Liquid Standards
Ultrasonic AGA9, BS7965, ISO TC30/SC5W91 API MPMS Chapter 4.6 & 4.7
Orifice DP ISO 5167, AGA 3, AGA 5, ISO 6976 BS 5844
Turbine API Chapter 14, ISO 9951 API Chapters 5,6,11,12,13,14
Coriolis AGA Draft - 11 ISO 10790 API Chapter 5 & 6, API MPMS 20.1,

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