LNG Loading & Metering Skid

Sparco provide the LNG transportation solution with compact design and intellgent loading system . Our skid is equip with latest technology based saftey and automation system. Transportation and distribution of LNG is one of the key challenges in the oil and gas industry. Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG)  production vessels  and Floating Storage Regasification Units (FSRU) are  used to maintain a flexible and connecting LNG infrastructure. Due to the low temperature of the fluid, metering systems for LNG are usually cryogenic systems. Sparco offer metering systems for LNG such as custody transfer metering systems, boil-off gas meters etc

Sparco Automation provide  the most intelligent metering systems tailored to the precise requirements of our customers. Our skid mounted solutions incorporate all major primary flow elements including turbine, ultrasonic, orifice, positive displacement meters to meet the clients preference also ensuring the most cost effective solution. As an independent systems integrator the Sparco is able to provide the optimal solution, selecting from all available metering and control systems products. Pre-fabricated skid mounted solutions allow better quality control and minimize site installation costs 

Sparco  always with customer budgets for meeting their process accuracy measurement. We are following the international standards API MPMS, AGA, ANSI-ASME, etc. for the calculation and arrangement of our metering skid. We have well qualified and experienced design engineers for design the skid. and flow measurement application engineers and process simulation engineers for sizing the equipment metering compliance with Atex certified instrumentation. 

 We have done projects mainly for Offshore Crude offloading system,Oil/Gas pipeline stations,marine loading and unloading metering stations, metering control & supervisory systems,liquid meter proving system.We have dedicated team of specialized metering project team with more than twenty years of experience . We treat each metering package individually and a dedicated team consists of project manager, metering engineer, piping engineer, stress engineer, control system engineer look into fine details of the system requirement to deliver a fully functional metering system.


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