LNG Production Cryogenic Plant

Sparco provide the latest technology based natrual gas processing and liquidfication using the hybrid system. The technology is the combination of mechnical referigeration and turbo expander. it not only reduce the capital investment cost but also the foot print with using modular design and low maintiance cost.

 Cryogenic column performance, essential for designing and operating commercial Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) distillation and scrub columns, are currently lacking accurate and reliable empirical data at industrially-relevant conditions (high pressure/low temperature). This leads to conservative design for safety purposes. Sparco technology based upon hybrid cover  this gap .

Through the use of a unique cryogenic distillation column, critical experimental data at industry-relevant conditions (up to 4 MPa and down to 233 K) have been collected. This constitutes an essential step towards future optimization of LNG scrub columns, eliminating the requirement for over-design, thus improving production and reducing costs. The mechnical refirgeration at the upstream of the process provide the much flexibility of lower operating tempratues for removal of the heavy hydrocarbon and bulk CO2 removal from the stream gas. After the mechnical referigeration the lower temprature provides the effeicent turbo expander expanding energy and at lower enrgy the LNG is being produced. 

Design of the plant can be flexible flow rates , pressure and gas composition . our plant design able to procees the natrual gas starting from 2 to 300MMSCFD  for on shore and offshore with modular compact design. It ehnaced the equiments no used in the plant and minimum space. 

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