Industrial Automation

Sparco Engineering Provide the industrial automation solution for any process and machine in manufacturing industry. We expertise in the motion control solution with PLC, SCADA, HMI, Servo Control and VFD. Sparco engineering provide the real time data collection for Analysis. Our integration involves with building the PLC panel to the installation at the site. And providing the best after sales services to the client.
We involve wit multiple brands for the PLC automation service which help the client to have wide range of options for their current system integration and with a cost effective solution.

We have successfully designed and develop automation system for many industries such as Oil and Gas, Food manufacturing, beverage and water treatment.

  1. PLC Automation and SACDA system can be ranging from few I/O s to a high level with thousands of I/Os. These systems can be include hot standby redundant PLC and SCADA systems.
  2. Wireless communication, data logging, detailed reporting, graphical representation and reproduction of data.
  3. Motion control Servo Drives are for machine tools in Automotive, Cut to length Applications, Packaging, Textile Printing, Printing. Ranging from single axis to multi axis requirements with demanding accuracy requirements.
  4. Variable Frequency Drive normal operations to energy saving application and also synchronization of two axes for assembly conveyors.
  5. Instrumentation for compress air monitoring and control on valves
  6. Electrical Actuators for simple slide movements to critical multi axis requirement with automation built around the same.

We serve the client with our innovative design and manufacture fully furnished control panels. With the right selection of the products from PLC, SCADA, HMI, VFD, Servo, we design the best solution for the requirement. Be it process or be it machine we make sure that it delivers exactly what it is supposed to deliver and saves time and costs.

With an entirely new product range “Electrical Actuators” from Intelligent Actuators Inc. it is much easier for the user to increase the efficiency and reduce the dependability and operating costs and say good bye to the air or hydraulic cylinders. The electrical actuator gives the user a freedom to set the strokes’ pattern, speed with great accuracy.

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