HEATLESS DESICCANT AIR DRYER Heatless Desiccant Dryer Desiccant Air Dryer

The Industrial Compressed Air Systems and different other applications of gas and/or air dryers involve the use of Heatless Compressed Air and/or Gas Dryer systems. High Pressure Gas and Air Drying Systems also involve the use of these compressed air and gas dryers in many of their applications. Sparco Engineering leader in heatless air dryer manufacturing.

Working Principal?

The simplest form of a desiccant kind of gas or air dryer is the heatless compressed one. It can achieve a dewpoint of -40°C for the compressed air systems as well as the other applications of gas and/or air dryers. After passing through the pre-filter, the wet incoming compressed air passes thorugh the assembly of the slide piston. Next, this air is directed towards the first chamber wherein it travels upwards through the desiccant bed consisting of activated alumina or molecular sieves. This causes it to dry up due to the adsorption effect of the bed. The dry compressed air coming out of the first chamber now travels through the assembly of check valves hence paving its way through the alter-filter and thereby to the area of application or work. The desiccant in the second chamber that had been wetted in the previous cycle regenerates simultaneously as the compressed air dries in the first chamber. The purge valve depressurizes the second chamber down to the atmospheric pressure in the downward direction. Meanwhile, a portion of the dry compressed air flushes the desorbed moisture out by passing through the needle valve or orifice plate through the desiccant. The purge valve closes and the tower slowly re-pressurizes to line pressure ensuring a smooth changeover as the regeneration completes. An effective dewpoint of -40°C or even better is obtained at atmospheric pressure with an additional period of 5 minutes for drying. An approximate of 60 seconds is all the re-pressurization takes in the regeneration process. This is the principle involved in heatless air dryer manufacturing.

Desiccant (Activated Alumina)

we use very high quality desiccant bed. And make sure the life time of the bed is higher and cost effective. Activated alumina balls are aluminium oxide based compounds which are highly porous in nature with a significantly high surface-area-to-weight ratio. With the latest technology, they can easily attain their high quality properties like adsorption, mechanical strength, pore volume and surface area.

The striking features of this adsorbent are its non-corrosive nature, resistance to softening and swelling, abrasion resistant, shrink proof, low resistance to gas proof, etc. An assortment of activated alumina is available in the market, which includes adsorbent, desiccant and activated alumina for chromatography.

Energy Saving Control (4% Lower Purge Loss)

The striking features of our system is that  inteligent control with use of high quality instrumentation in which the dew point is being monitor at the each purge point of the vessle. Once the PLC reads the dew point have been reached the specific treshold the PLC automatic cutoff the purge waste air and the air is being fully feed to the line in which user not only avoided the air loss but also the pressure loss and the waste energy.


World top brands equipment are being used in our system in order to make sure that high quality product is being delivered to the client. beside the system quality we provide the customized control for the system in which user desire pressure and the flow is being delivered by using the inteligent controller and  instrumentation. 


  • They save energy besides economising purge by reducing the loss of purge to a minimum of 50%.
  • They have controllers with lucid functional displays that are programmable.
  • They secure undisturbed operation despite tower changeovers.
  • The moisture load is lessened by the auto drain valves in pre and oil filters. Therefore the desiccant life is secured without any extra cost.
  • The inclusion of a unique purge economizer in the latest microprocessor based controller which facilitates manual setting up of the dryer load. This device can not only accept upto 3 compressor load/unload contacts but also compute the dryer load dynamically. According to these settings done, the purge can be set. Also, the purge air can be controlled according to the pressure input accepted by the controller.


Sparco provide the customized model for the user also based upon the their application and the flow requirement. And our technical team manufacture the dryer based upon the user data and come up with proper drawing and design for user. As below the models mostly match the customer requirement and we server them with the best quality.

MODEL Air Flow Electrical Connection Inlet / Outlet Dimensions (mm) Dessicant Weight
SCFM Nm3 / hr V Ph Hz BSP L W H Qty/tower Kg
SPAC-030 300 510 230 1 50 2" NB 1400 1000 2400 110 350
SPAC-040 400 680 230 1 50 3" NB 1400 1200 2480 140 400
SPAC-050 500 850 230 1 50 3" NB 1600 1300 2230 180 500
SPAC-060 600 1020 230 1 50 3" NB 1600 1300 2450 215 650
SPAC-075 750 1275 230 1 50 4" NB 2000 1300 2200 260 800
SPAC-100 1000 1700 230 1 50 4" NB 2000 1300 2500 360 950
SPAC-125 1250 2125 230 1 50 6" NB 2000 1300 2750 450 1150
SPAC-150 1500 2550 230 1 50 6" NB 2200 1400 2200 520 1400
SPAC-200 2000 3400 230 1 50 6" NB 2200 1400 2860 720 1750

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