About Us

Sparco Engineering is a leading Gas generation manufacturer in malaysia. we are expertise in Nitrogen generator system with a low coast and sustianable supply of nitrogen at the site. it means our customers would no need a constant schduled supply of nitrogen from the local supplier. Now you can generate you own gas at site with a minmum cost invloved. Our products include the PSA  Nitrogen , Oxygen , Hydrogen and Helium generation.We product ranage also incldue the membrane nitrogen generation which provide the compact foot print fort the industry. Our system always based upon the customer requirment and proper study conduct on their application. Air treatment is very important for any industry to utilised the air. Humidity and the water into the air can cause the serious damage to the machine and the process. we provide the compelet solution for air drying. we offer desiccant air dryer which has various flow and pressure opertating capibilites. Our VP INSTRUMENTS provide the world class Euorpian standered product for measuring the flow , temprature and the pressure. which is very important for any kind of gas system. Our services include the compress air auditing and extansive analysis report. 




Sparco Engineering provide the compressed air products which now days immensely used in the industry. Our Industrial gases products are mainly consist on Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon and many other based upon the application. Our products mainly food , pharmaceutical and food industry. We also supplies the air dryer refrigerant or the descent type as the it depend how low the dew point required. VP instrument provide the extensive approach toward the energy management for industrial gases. As our integration provide the extensive approach toward the organization energy requirement and future expanstion.

Providing the quality control solution for food manufacturing industry is our one pir expertise which including provide the metal detector for the food inspection in line. Our product provide the high speed and reliability NDT inspection which is important for any kind of industry. Weighing system provide the real track on the weight of the food packaging system for underweight and overweight at high speed which do not interrupt the production speed of the industry. For complex packaging such as aluminium packaging we provide the special X-ray based metal detector which can detect the any foreign material particle inside the package at the high speed.

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